Schools, Colleges, Universities & Education Establishments

Key Features for Education Establishments:

PIN Code Access
Deploy phones into classrooms and implement PIN code access to ensure only authorised staff can access them and secure the device.

Mobile Working
In most schools many of the staff are mobile and so access while on the move is critical. With integrated WiFi, DECT or Smartphone and PC applications you can ensure you can always contact staff.

Distributed Architecture
Separate buildings such as Nurseries or Annexe Buildings can easily be serviced from the central system by adding a module to the main system. This means all types of connectivity can be provided around the school network without expensive cabling costs.

Hot Desking
Your team can login to any phone extension and get their own personalised set up, features and access rights.

Staff Room Voicemail
Have your voicemails delivered to a shared phone in the staff room and see alerts then login to collect you messages.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
The iPECS offers the world’s lowest power consumption of any telephone system.

Create Dial-in Parent Updates
Provide parents with access to prerecorded message on exam timetables, school trips and other information.

Cascade voicemails
Deliver voicemail briefings and updates to your team quickly and easily through cascade voicemails.

Case Study:

The School were looking to improve their functionality, modernise their equipment and increase the capacity of their telephone system.

We provided them with an IPECS UCP Call Server which provides Voice over IP (VoIP) phones in all classrooms and key members of staff were provided with Wireless IP Phones. The iPECS UCP also supports icall Suite providing a full reporting package to ensure call costs are monitored and controlled.