Key Features for Offices:

Mobile Working
With integrated WiFi, DECT or Smartphone and PC applications you can ensure you can always contact your staff whilst providing the flexibility.

Hot Desking
With many Companies paying big premiums for prestigious office locations, hot desking can deliver big savings. The Ericsson-LG allows your team to login on any phone extension and get their own personalised set up, features and access rights.

Call Recording
To help manage disputes and ensure that critical advice is recorded and available for analysis and review, secure and compliant call recording is an essential option.

iCall Reports and Dashboards
iCall Reports can provide simple records and dashboards with all the information Managers need to understand the business performance in answering and handling calls.

Distributed Architecture
Many Companies operate through regional or local offices so the ability to provide remote location support is important. The iPECS can deliver a fully distributed system across multiple sites, all seamlessly networked together for a simple user experience.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
The iPECS offers the world’s lowest power consumption of any telephone system.

UC Mobile Client
Save expensive international call charges using UC mobile. Simply connect back to the iPECS using WiFi and pay local UK call charges.

Case Study:

The Estate Agents were looking for a communication system which would support staff working from home or a remote office location.

We installed a UCP with SIP Channels one of the latest network technologies, to provide seamless, resilient and cost effective communication to all of their staff. This provided them with handsets for easy remote connection and each handset was paired with an office based reception enabling additional support for each remote worker. The Head Office Reception were installed with an IP Attendant giving them visibility and full on screen control and presence.