Key Features for Hospitality Establishments:

Mobile Working
In most hotels more than 80% of the staff are mobile and so access while on the move is critical. With integrated WiFi, DECT or Smartphone and PC applications you can ensure that your staff can always be contacted.

Room Status Updates
Cleaning staff can simply update a code onto the handset and reception will immediately know if a room is available.

Voicemail to Email
Your team can have a virtual voicemail box and have their voicemails delivered to their email address to collect on a smartphone/tablet or PC.

Attendant Hotel Application
Easy control for receptionists with call control and visibility of room status and access to features such as wake up calls.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
The iPECS offers the world’s lowest power consumption of any telephone system.

Simple wake up call set up
Easily set wake up calls and see logs showing if the call was answered or ignored.

Child Monitoring
Secure dial-in access to room to monitor children from any phone in the hotel.

Cascade voicemails
Deliver voicemail briefings and updates to your team quickly and easily through cascade voicemails.

Distributed Architecture
Separate buildings such as Spas or Restaurants can easily be serviced from the central system by adding a module to the main system. This means all types of connectivity can be provided around the hotel network without expensive cabling costs.

Case Study: 

This Hotel were interested with improving their staff availability whilst upgrading their functionality.

We installed an IPECS which included remote IP Phones enabling the staff to use their office phone wherever they were throughout the hotel. This allows the staff to communicate with customers without delay and without any additional costs to the hotel.