Shops, Restaurants, Garden Centres

Key Features for Retail Establishments:

Mobile Working
Many Sales staff are mobile and so access while on the move is critical. With integrated WiFi, DECT or Smartphone and PC applications you can ensure you can always contact your staff whilst providing the flexibility.

Call Recording
To ensure that customer complaints and queries are recorded and available for analysis and review, secure and compliant call recording is an essential option.

Information Mailbox
Play information such as opening hours, out of hours messages to Customers dialling the number.

iCall Reports and Dashboards
iCall Reports can provide simple records and dashboards with all the information Managers need to understand the business performance in answering and handling calls.

Distributed Architecture
Many Stores operate across multiple sites so the ability to provide remote location support is important. The iPECS can deliver a fully distributed system across multiple sites, all seamlessly networked together for a simple user experience.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
The iPECS offers the world’s lowest power consumption of any telephone system.

Voicemail to Email
Your team can have a virtual voicemail box and have their voicemails delivered to their email address to collect on a smartphone/tablet or PC.


Case Study:

This retailer was looking for a telephone system that could integrate their satellite stores and give them the most up-to-date system incorporating their IT. They were also keen to improve their Broadband speeds.

We equipped them with an Ericsson-LG MFIM50 Call Server which allows them to communicate between branches at no additional cost. We have moved them to SIP lines which has improved their broadband speed and has also reduced their telephone line rental costs.