The ISDN Cut Off

What does this mean for YOUR business?

BT has announced that they will be starting the PSTN and ISDN switch off next year (2020). The gradual phase-out of these older systems will start in 2020 and no new orders will be taken from this point. What’s more, all lines will be completely REMOVED by 2025.

Wondering what to do next? Whatever your question, here at Wellwood Communications we’ve got the answers for you.

Why Are BT Phasing Out ISDN and PSTN?

The short answer is ISDN and PSTN are old-fashioned legacy technologies with higher maintenance costs and drawbacks.

What is ISDN?

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and is the original high-speed internet service. The ISDN internet service is a telephone-based network system that operates by a circuit switch, or dedicated line. It can transmit data and phone conversations digitally over normal telephone wires.

What is PSTN?

PSTN stands for Public Switched Technology Network. It’s the traditional landline setup you may be familiar with and may currently have in your business for voice calls, fax or broadband.

Do I have ISDN or PSTN?

Unless you’re using a cloud-based solution such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), it’s likely you are operating via ISDN or PSTN. You will be able to confirm this by calling us on 0333 5777 300.

Do I need to wait until 2020 to switch?

Not at all, there are already millions of businesses using cloud telephony to their advantage.

What options do I have?

  • SIP lines:

    SIP is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to ISDN for your inbound and outbound voice calls.

  • Cloud Telephony Solution:

    Individual telephone extensions are connected through your broadband to the Cloud.  The telephones are hosted in the Cloud.  You don’t have a system onsite as its hosted offsite at a data centre. 

The good news for your business is that future proofed solutions are waiting for you and they come PACKED with benefits including cost savings and business continuity.

Monthly costs for some customers have been reduced by up to 30%. Paired with the flexibility and agility a cloud solution can offer, it makes perfect sense to switch NOW.

Call us at Wellwood Communications on 0333 5777 300 for free advice surrounding the facts and solutions available for your business.