Business Utilities Supply

Business Utilities Supply

We really want to help reduce your costs and provide you with the best customer service. Let us save you the time and hassle by offering a full utilities provision for your Water, Gas and Electric, Card Terminals, Line Rental and Calls.

We have compiled a handy checklist with a few fundamental questions which we can help you answer.

  1. Is your telephone system at full capacity?

  2. Do you require your present telephone system to be maintained?

  3. Would you like to have an honest and competitive Line Rental and Calls provider?

  4. Is your broadband slow and giving you problems?

  5. Is your company paying water rates to Business Stream?

  6. Would you like to save around 10% annually on water rates?

  7. Could you benefit from Electric and Gas suppliers who keep you informed as to the type of contract you are signed up for?

  8. Would you like the hassle of all your utilities to be taken off your hands and looked after by one company that will continue to strive towards obtaining the most competitive prices for all your utilities?

  9. Businesses are constantly phoned by different providers. Would you like to be able to inform them that you have a consultant for all your Utilities?


If you have answered Yes to any of these questions, we will be able to help you.

Please contact on 0333 5777 300 or email us on