Moving Premises?

Moving premises can be a very stressful time as there are so many things to consider.  The earlier you get organised, the easier it will be.  Here are some tips to help you.

Early Planning

  • Appoint an appropriate staff member as your companies move co-ordinator
  • Consider your current office equipment and computer situation. What needs to be upgraded or replaced
  • List all stationery and company letterhead which will need amendment, plus new building signage and your website
  • Consider the security and access requirements for your new premises
  • Send a notice to clients and suppliers that you are relocating, detailing changes such as Post Office box number or phone numbers and the street address
  • Inform staff of progress and developments throughout the process
  • Consider layout of new premises and configuration of communication outlets
  • Create new floor plan
  • Consider using removal company

Arrange Disconnection/Reconnection & Diversion


Notifications of Change of Address

  • Companies House
  • Insurance companies
  • Cleaners or gardeners
  • Suppliers of financial and legal services, i.e. accountants, solicitors, banks, credit card providers
  • Suppliers of other materials and services, i.e. marketing, stationery, couriers
  • Prepare mailshot for your Customers and Suppliers

Just Prior to Your Move

  • Confirm all final details of the move plan with the removal company and confirm value for insurance during transit
  • Distribute written moving instructions to all staff
  • Label all furniture and boxes in accordance with the new floor plan
  • Reserve access areas such as parking meters, entrance way, loading docks, goods lifts, notify landlord in event of multi-tenant building
  • Confirm delivery of new equipment, furnishings, stationery etc
  • Finalise arrangements for access, keys and codes for removal company and staff
  • Arrange for staff to visit the new site for pre-move familiarisation purposes
  • Finalise start time on the day of your move
  • Confirm items for storage/archive

And most importantly, don't forget to call us on 0333 5777 300 to make the moving or upgrading of your telephone lines and system as smooth and hassle free as possible.