Hosted Telephony

What is Hosted Telephony?
A hosted telephony system is one that sits in a network data centre (known as the Cloud) rather than at your premises. Users manage the system through a web interface or mobile app, and make calls over the service through their data connection.  Hosted telephony means you no longer need to maintain and upgrade a telephone system on site or over multiple sites. Using Hosted Telephony allows you to have the full features and functionality without the need for a physical Telephone System.

How does this work?
Individual telephone extensions are connected through your broadband to the Cloud.  The telephones are hosted in the Cloud.  You don’t have a system onsite as its hosted offsite at a data centre.  

With connectivity using only your router and broadband service, you can have the freedom to take these telephones anywhere you want.  Ideal for remote workers who move from office to home and want to keep their business calls with them.You simply pay a monthly rental fee for each telephone extension. Your telephone calls are included in your monthly rental with Hosted which is great for budgeting purposes. 

It’s not only system telephones you can use - our Hosted platform also supports Mobile and PC applications for field or remote use. The choice of how many System Phones, Applications and Lines you require may be daunting.  That’s where we come in, we will survey your site and create a hosted solution based on your specific requirements.

Why choose Hosted?

  • No capital outlay
  • No telephone system maintenance costs
  • Make changes, moves and additions instantly
  • Free calls between your offices
  • Free calls to local UK 01/02/03 numbers
  • Manage your own calls and facilities
  • Great voice quality
  • Save money
  • Disaster Recovery as standard
  • Staff can work flexibly from wherever they want

Is Hosted right for my business?

  • Designed to scale, it is capable of serving a single home office or multiple locations around the globe
  • Dynamic businesses that want flexibility - never miss a call in the office or when out and about
  • Multi-site organisations - connects branch offices together and allows for free calls internally
  • Companies looking for Disaster Recovery measures in place to provide a resilient phone service in any emergency
  • Help you budget - there are no expensive maintenance costs and you only pay for what you use
  • Improving customer contact - manage calls seamlessly between users and offices to provide the best caller experience